4 Bar m Breeding Contract



This agreement is by and between 4 Bar M, Stallion Owner of Penns Maestro AQHA # 3482466 residing at 4 Bar M Adkins, Texas, hereinafter referred to as the Owner, and ______________________________ Hereinafter referred to as Mare Owner. Stallion Owner hereby agrees to breed Penns Maestro to Mare:_____________________________________, Breed:___________________ Reg#: ______________Which is owned or leased by said Mare Owner during the 20__ breeding season. If bringing a foal, list Foal name and registration info if applicable here:__________________________________________

The above parties agree to the following:

1)            The Stallion service fee shall be $450.00.  $100 booking fee (part of the $450.00 service fee) required due to limited booking if reserving the stallion service more than a week prior to expected breeding.  The full $450.00 service fee is due prior to mare being released. This breeding fee includes a live foal guarantee.  A live foal is defined as a foal that stands and nurses. Should the mare prove not to be in foal in the year bred or looses her foal, or should the foal not be able to stand and nurse, even after appropriate Veterinary care has been sought and provided, Mare Owner should notify the Stallion Owner within seventy-two (72) hours and provide a veterinarian’s statement confirming loss / death of foal within ten days.  If any of these situations named above happens, the Stallion Owner will give to the Mare Owner, a season to the stallion the following year to the same mare or a mare mutually agreed upon, at no service fee (mare care still extra).  If Mare Owner fails to provide the mare for rebreeding, then any and all fees paid shall be non-refundable, the right to rebreed is canceled, and the Stallion Owner is released from any further obligation whatsoever.

2)            For live cover mares, a non-refundable boarding fee of Seven Dollars ($7.00) per day dry or Ten Dollars ($10.00) per day wet, shall be charged to the Mare Owner for each day the above named mare (and foal) are at the Stallion Owner’s facilities.  The mare (and foal) shall not be released by the Stallion Owner to the Mare Owner or his/her representative until all fees are paid in full, unless prior written agreements have been made between both parties.

3)            The above named mare MUST be halter broke, current on all vaccinations and worming, a copy of the mare’s registration papers, and a negative Coggins and Culture are required.  Stallion Owner will make a photocopy of the original Coggins form at the stallion facility.  Foals accompanying mares MUST be halter broke (easily caught, haltered, and lead).  Your foal will be handled daily while at our facility, so it is imperative for the mare and foal’s safety, and to make breeding less stressful for the mare and foal, that your foal be easy to handle.  Foals that are not halter broke upon arrival will be halter broke by us BEFORE any breeding takes place.  A $35.00 fee will be charged to the Mare Owner for this halter breaking service.  Halter breaking is ONLY an option for the foals, not the mares.

4)            For the safety of both the mare and the stallion, breeding hobbles may be used on the mare.  A twitch may also be used, or a tranquilizer ONLY if it becomes necessary in the opinion of the Stallion Owner.

5)            The Stallion Owner shall attend to the above named mare (and foal) with all reasonable care.  The Mare Owner warrants that the mare (and foal) is healthy and in breedable condition.  The Mare Owner agrees that the Stallion Owner has permission to have the mare (and foal) treated by a licensed Veterinarian to have normal Veterinary services performed for anything which might affect the mare’s (and foal) well being or in emergency situations, at the expense of the Mare Owner.  Mare owner agrees that pregnancy examinations shall be authorized as deemed necessary by the Stallion Owner.  If any special or particular Veterinary services are required or desired by the Mare Owner, they shall be specific and in writing to the Stallion Owner when the mare (and foal) is deposited for stallion services.

6)            Mare Owner hereby agrees the Stallion Owner reserves the right to refuse service to any mare which appears to be diseased or which is unfit for breeding, in the opinion of the Stallion Owner.

7)            The Stallion Owner provides the following feeds:  Costal Hay and Oats for grain.  If other special Hay or Grain is required, the Mare Owner shall supply the special food.

8)            The Stallion Owner shall not be held liable for injury, sickness, or death of the above named mare (and foal), regardless of how this may occur.  Mare Owner shall not be held liable for injury or death of the stallion arising out of the service contracted for in this agreement, regardless of how this may occur.

9)            It is agreed by the parties hereto that if the stallion or the above named mare is sold, becomes unfit for breeding, or should die, this agreement shall become null and void.

10)        Stallion owner shall attempt with reasonable diligence to settle the mare.  If however, for any reason, the mare does not settle, the Mare Owner will hold the Stallion Owner harmless.

11)        Should mare owner take the mare from the Stallion Owner before ample time to settle the mare during the breeding season, then all unpaid board and other agreed upon expenses becomes due and payable at the time of the mare’s removal, and the live foal guarantee becomes void.

12)        This contract is not transferable by Mare Owner without prior written agreement with the Stallion Owner.  The breeders certificate shall be issued after birth of the foal.

13)       By signing this contract, both parties agree to consider it legally binding, and valid even though it is not notarized.  Mare Owner may retain a copy of this contract, however, the Stallion Owner will retain the original copy.



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